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Tailings Ponds can be a significant source of respirable dust that can pose a health hazard to nearby communities. A large majority of the dust particles are typically under 10 microns in size, in some cases as much as 80% . Dust of less than 10 microns is capable of penetrating into the lungs contributing to respirable health issues.pond-dust-googleDust from trailings pond

Dust Solutions DustTamer Wind Fences can play an important role in preventing dust generation and dust leaving the pond site. These applications can be complex in nature and may require several methods of wind fence deployment. This includes fixed fences, multiple fences and portable wind screen panels. Wind fences are sometimes combined with other control measure such as water sprays. Reduction of wind over the wetted area can slow the evaporation process thus extending time between water applications and reducing water usage and possible run-off.

tailings pond wind fencewind fence used to control tailings pond dust