The following components make up a DustTamer Wind Screen System:

DustTamer™ Fabric: This fabric is specifically designed for use as a wind reduction material. It is knitted from an industrial grade woven polyester, resistant to UV rays, in-climate weather and temperature extremes. Its unique ability to be stretched and tensioned to over 500lbs. of pull prevents "flagging" of the material and consequential damage due to abrasion. The slotted design prevents dust from plugging the fabric like basket weave material will do.

DSI offers two different porosity's of fabric in two widths, 90cm/ 35.5 inch and 150cm/59 inch wide and is available in forest green & desert tan colors. The fabric is generally installed horizontally, spanning support columns as wide as 20 feet apart.

Stand-Off Brackets: We provide specially designed galvanized metal brackets to "stand off" the fabric from the support columns. This prevents the fabric from coming in contact with sharp edges or rough surfaces that I-beams and wood poles may have.Stand Off Brackets also make installation easier by providing a material that is thin enough (1/8 inch) to allow self drilling/tapping attachment screws to penetrate the metal without pre-drilling, when attaching the fabric to the support columns.

Lock Bars:  Lock Bars made of anodised aluminum and are the same length as the fabric. They are used to "pinch" the wind screen fabric against the stand off brackets. The Lock Bars are pre-drilled to accommodate (15) #10 self drilling/tapping screws per bar.

Attachment Screws: Self drill and tap hex head screws with rubber washer to attach the Lock Bar and Fabric to the Stand-off Bracket or column support.

Tie Wraps: UV resistant nylon self locking wire ties or fabric ties are the most common ties that we supply for tying runs of fabric together. This prevents the screen material from rubbing on the adjacent fabric run.