DustTamer Wind Screen Fabric is usually attached to free standing column supports (by others), existing structures or on steel frame panels that DSI can fabricate to your needs.

Free Standing Wind Fence column materials are usually selected based on site specific conditions, available materials and engineering requirements. Typical materials include, wood poles, wide flange steel beams, HSS (Hollow Structural Sections) and steel pipe.

On Existing Structures such as Transfer Towers it is used in place of solid siding on a building and the existing column supports can often be used with little or no modification. Other times, attachment hardware is custom designed and may include prefabricated panels for specific areas where pipe or conduit must penetrate the screen.

Steel Frames can be fabricated to cover a transfer point similar to a cage or awning, as a wind guard panel. Many times the screen is used in conjunction with Dry Fog to help control air movement and contain the fog with the dust long enough for dust agglomeration to occur, like at a dump pocket.

DSI can provide Design Wind Pressure Data for our fabrics to be used for the engineering of fence structures on request.