D.S.I. DustTamer Wind Screen Systems are used in a variety of applications as a measure to lower ambient air velocities thus reducing the amount of airborne particulate from many types of sources. These sources typically include material stockpiles, stack-out conveyors, truck, rail or loader dump pockets, vibrating screens, grizzlies, conveyor transfer points and load out silos.

Many times Wind Screen Systems are used in conjunction with D.S.I. Dry Fog Systems to help the agglomeration and settling of dust by controlling and containing the dust/fog mixture at a fog application point.

Wind Screen Systems work better than a solid structure in the above applications, because of the fabrics specially designed porosity. DustTamer is available in two porosity's (30% & 50%) that allows a percentage of the ambient air to bleed through the fabric helping to equalize the pressure differential from one side of the fabric to the other. This reduces the velocity of the wind over the area of typical dust generation.