Several factors must be considered when designing a DustTamer Wind Fence System. These factors fall into three main categories:

  1. Wind Direction(s) that is creating a dust problem.
  2. Existing site conditions including equipment traffic patterns, other structures (including underground) and topography of terrain.
  3. Engineering factors that could include results of Computational Fluid Dynamics (computer modeling), wind load, seismic conditions, soil type and selection of column supports.

D.S.I. can assist in the evaluation of these factors.  If engineering of the structure is required, DSI may be able to provide those services, typically in conjunction with engineers that provide certified drawings for your local. To help us in our evaluation we have provided a pdf Data Collection Guide for Wind Fence that can be used in conjunction with our RFQ Form.

DustTamer Wind Fence/Screen Systems, can be a highly effective measure to help control fugitive dust. It is a cost effective alternative to buildings and other solid structures.

Additional information is available upon request, including a U.S. EPA sponsored study titled, pdf Windbreak Effectiveness for Storage Pile Fugitive Dust Control: A Wind Tunnel Study" Windbreak Effectiveness for Storage Pile Fugitive Dust Control: A Wind Tunnel Study.