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Successful Implementation of Portable Dry Fog System at Florida Port

April 2017 | Beaufort, S.C. - Global solutions provider and manufacturer for industrial dust suppression systems, Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) recently completed the delivery and startup of a portable Dry Fog system at the Port Everglades Terminal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.The system was installed at a cement terminal to address dust emissions during the ship loading and unloading process.

A key concern for the client when evaluating dust suppression technologies was to select a solution that could be applied at various locations since cement unloading occurs at different hatches throughout the facility. To fully address their dust suppression needs, either a system installation would be required at each hatch or the ability to quickly and efficiently move the selected system was necessary. Dry fog was selected as the technology of choice because of its effectiveness in suppressing cement dust without adding significant moisture to the material.

To address the issue of mobility, DSI designed a portable Dry Fog system where the system controls are housed in a portable cart which run four ten-foot (10') fogging manifolds. The manifolds are lowered into the cargo hold creating a blanket of fog which agglomerates to dust particles that are generated during material movement and would otherwise escape the hatch into the open environment. The system can easily be transported by a two-person crew and set up in as little as thirty minutes after initial implementation.  On-site visual inspection and air quality testing have taken place since installation and all unloading activities have been cleared and accepted while the Dry Fog system is operational.

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