Dry Fog™ systems utilize compressed air and plain water to produce a very dry fog (1-10 micron droplet size). These ultra-fine water droplets attach (agglomerate) to like size dust particles, particulate matter 10 microns or smaller (PM-10).

The slightly wetted dust particles are then heavy enough to be removed from the air by their added weight and fall back into the process. It is important to note, we only wet the dust, not the material, resulting in low water consumption and no significant wetting of the product (typically less than 0.05 % by weight). This is the driest form of dust suppression available. See Moisture Comparison Chart

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruled that fogging systems are "Best Demonstrated Technology" see EPA New Rules for handling Sub-bituminous Coal and Lignite. In the Powder River Basin most of the PRB Coal Mines have switched to fogging system as a safe, cost effective way to comply with air quality and fire safety regulations and issues  See PRB Coal Mine Testimony to EPA