Truck Tippers

Truck Tippers are commonly used at Biomass and Wood Waste to Energy Plants. They are also used at some coal fired steam and power plants. DSI has many years of experience in managing these difficult dust sources.

At the truck tipper, our system is designed to suppress dust using two stages of attack. First, the dump pocket is filled with fog prior to the actual dump from the truck. This “pre-fog” will supply a reservoir of fog-charged air that, when displaced by the falling material, will attach to the airborne dust particles and settle them out in the hopper. To do this, the dump hopper fogging manifolds activate as soon as the tipper platform starts to rise.

Stage two begins when the same foggers operate during the complete dump cycle until the platform rests back on the ground. This stage will attack the creation of additional dust at the dump as the truck continues to dump.

Dry Fog is also used at the hopper discharge to the take-away conveyor and transfer points down-stream.

Truck Tipper with no dust control
Dry Fog resevoir inside a Truck Tipper Hopper
Truck Tipper with Dry Fog System