Storage Piles

very high wind fence100 ft. tall DustTamer Wind Fence for PRB Coal Pile

Preventing dust generation at Storage Piles is becoming an increasing priority and is a concern beyond environmental compliance. The DustTAMER Wind Fence System can reduce the amount of air infiltration into a coal pile. At Storage Piles, air infiltration is a major contributor to PRB coal fragmentation and contributes to the risk of spontaneous combustion. 

Spraying water onto the pile can also add to spontaneous combustion risk. DustTAMER can reduce or eliminate the need for watering. If a coal pile is treated with water or chemicals, DustTAMER can slow the evaporation and drying effect, allowing for infrequent watering, saving time and BTUs.

EPA has declared wind barriers as a dust control measure that can be used for a fugitive coal dust emissions control plan. This emissions control plan is now required for open storage piles for plants constructed, re-constructed or modified after May 27, 2009.

Fuel Pile Wind Fence offset for equipment access

DustTAMER is a much less expensive alternative to Chemical Treatment, Domes and Buildings. Our fabric is designed to withstand winds in excess of 100 MPH and is resistant to the effects of UV Rays. Some installations are approaching 20 years of service with no significant fabric deterioration.