Strip and Dust Curtains


DSI distributes high quality Vinyl Strip Curtains. Our curtains are made of 100% virgin vinyl and come in a variety of widths, lengths and thickness. Our mounting systems are designed for fast and easy installation. We use a unique mounting track system with built-in relief flanges that allow the strips to pivot freely, reducing stress and protecting the top of the strips from the elements. These curtains are commonly used at silo to truck or rail-car transfers and at conveyor stacker head chute discharge points.

Brush Seals

DSI also distributes Nylon Brush Seals. Tripper-ConveyorsThese are typically used at conveyor transfer points to effectively control air movement. Instead of using rubber strips, air movement is controlled by reducing induced air from the entrance of the head chute. At the load point, Brush Seals slow and diffuse air escaping at the conveyor load point skirting cover. They work more efficiently than rubber curtains at the exit by creating a multitude of small openings at the entry of the brush seal. This increases the area for the air to escape over the entire brush, reducing air velocities and creating potential for dust to escape the skirting. Brush filaments tend to trap the larger particles before they can escape. Because rubber strips only have a few slits spaced inches apart from one another, these large strips provide fewer open areas for air to escape, increasing air velocities and airborne particles at the next point. Contrastingly, Brush Seals deflect with minimum disturbance to the conveyed material if the conveyed material hits the brush. Rubber seals will often create large openings when deflected, and the mass is great enough to impact the conveyed material, creating more airborne dust at the exit point. Additionally, our Brush Seals are mounted on a track that allows for easy removal. Trimming or replacement can be administered even while the conveyor is operating.