Glaretamer™ | Light in your eyes?

In accidents that occur after dark, headlight glare is the leading contributor. Anecdotal evidence from any driver who has traveled against the sun proves that oncoming headlight glare severely impairs one's vision. The use of glare screens on our national highways is imperative.

Glaretamer™, a polyester fabric glare screen system, is a practical and much-needed investment of our highway tax dollars. Glaretamer™ will reduce accidents and save lives. This lightweight product has lower shipping, storage and installation costs compared to other types of glare screen systems such as metal or plastic paddle screens. Installations are fast and easy, and once installed, glare screens require very little maintenance.

The Glaretamer™ Glare Screen system gives highway engineers an excellent alternative to other forms of glare control. The screen is made out of an extremely tough, thoroughly field-tested industrial grade polyester. The screen's posts are manufactured with galvanized steel, and the lock bars are manufactured with aluminum alloy. The screws are self-drilling, self-tapping all weather screws with a torque indicator washer. All mounting hardware is intrinsically non-corrosive and galvanized to ASTM specifications. The entire system has the proven ability to take on the harshest of climates.


Snowtamer™ | Let it snow!

Snowtamer™ Snow Fence systems are very different from other conventional snow fencing. This snow fence system controls drifting and blowing snow by reducing wind velocity. What makes SNOWTAMER™ different? It is lightweight, durable and reusable. The fence uses no wires that could injure workmen. Compact and easy to handle, the SNOWTAMER™ is just 500 linear feet, requiring only 15 cubic feet for storage and weighs less than 0.6 lb. per square foot.