Rail and Truck Dumps

Dry Fog at Rollover Rail Car Dumper

Truck Dumps Rail Car Dumps can be a very significant source of dust. Collecting dust from large open dump pockets is very difficult. Cost for collection systems can exceed $1,000,000 and still the user is faced with what to do with the collected dust. Chemical systems require use of expensive chemicals and are not effective in removing dust from the air. Furthermore, chemical water sprays create large water droplets that will freeze, making wintertime operations in many regions impossible. Dry Fog™ Systems can effectively capture airborne dust, returning it to the dump pocket, without wetting the material. Dry Fog will not freeze and can operate in temperatures as low as –35% F.

DSI has provided fogging systems to various types of mines including Coal, Copper, Gold, Sliver, Zinc and more.  Applications range from front end loader dunps to large 340 ton haul trucks dumping into primary crushers.

Start of Dry Fog at a Primary Crusher Truck Dump