• dry fog
  • coal chute
  • codero plow with fog
  • Wind screen, steel beams with screen
  • Wood fog in hopper Shasta Energy
  • wind fence coal
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Ship Loader
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Silo Fill Conveyors at a Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Reclaim Feeder for a Coal Mine
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Mine Tailings Stockpile
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Truck Tipper for a Biomass Power Plant
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Stockpile

Dry Fog has been used specifically for a variety of moisture sensitive materials such as Clay, Nitrates, Limestone, Clinker, and even Cement.   We evaluate site-specific conditions to determine Dry fog applicability with some of these materials.  Typically, with moisture sensitive materials, Dry Fog works better on large open areas such as ship holds & dump pockets than it does with enclosed conveyor belts where it is possible for agglomerated material to build up and harden.

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