• dry fog
  • coal chute
  • codero plow with fog
  • Wind screen, steel beams with screen
  • Wood fog in hopper Shasta Energy
  • wind fence coal
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Ship Loader
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Silo Fill Conveyors at a Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Reclaim Feeder for a Coal Mine
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Mine Tailings Stockpile
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Truck Tipper for a Biomass Power Plant
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Stockpile

Fog systems when properly designed and applied can meet or exceed all air quality standards. The EPA now specifies fogging systems as Best Demonstrated Technology for Sub-bituminous coal.  In Wyoming, fogging systems are considered B.A.C.T. (Best Available Control Technology) for conveyors transporting PRB Coal, giving it a Zero Visible Emission Rating. At Rollover Rail Car Dumpers for PRB Coal, DSI has achieved reductions of over 96% as reported in pdfPower Magazine .

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