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  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Ship Loader
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Silo Fill Conveyors at a Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Reclaim Feeder for a Coal Mine
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Mine Tailings Stockpile
  • Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression

    Truck Tipper for a Biomass Power Plant
  • DustTamer™ Wind Fence

    Protecting a Stockpile

There are several issues with using Dry Fog at Stack Out Conveyor Discharge Points. Generally, there are three sources of  dust generation: (1) separation of the fines coming off of the belt, (2) separation of the fines as the material freefalls and (3) the impact of the material onto the storage pile.  In some cases, the discharge chute can be enclosed with Strip Curtains and positioned close to the pile. In other cases, water sprays must be added at the tail of the conveyor to pre-moisten the material before it stacks out. Typically, we can indicate to our customer's the feasibility of using Dry Fog at Stack Out Conveyors given drawings and photographs. DustTamer Wind Fence Systems are another control measure we use for storage piles.

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