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Dust Solutions, Inc. is constantly developing and implementing solutions for its clients. In this section, we keep you updated on the latest news in the fields of products, industry news, and cutting edge installations.

DSI Welcomes Penn Quip and JESCO

"We are very excited to have Penn Quip and JESCO join our representative team," said DSI President Richard Posner.  "We are also very pleased to have local representation in Pennsylvania and Michigan with two established organizations that have cultivated strong relationships among industry clients. We are confident they will maintain the trad...
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Dust Solutions, Inc. Holds First Global Sales Training Conference

final photo

Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) held its first global sales training conference on October 15-16, 2014 in Orlando, Florida, bringing together over 25 new and existing members of DSI’s Representative Network from eight countries.

Demo of DSI fogging components.During the two-day event, Manufacturing Representatives and Distributors participated in intensive training sessions on DSI products and services, hands-on demonstrations with DryFog™ dust suppression and DustTamer™ win fence system equipment, and sales discussions on regional opportunities in the mining, power generation, and other bulk material handling industries.

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DustTamer Wind Fence for Large Coal Storage Pile at Power Plant


Controlling dust generated from large storage piles can be a challenge. In many cases a DSI DustTamer Wind Fence can be built on the upwind side of the pile to reduce wind speeds over the pile by 50% or more!This fence was designed to protect a storage pile foot print of over 1000 feet, resulting in a fence 100 feet tall. DustTamerTM Wind Fence Systems are a much less expensive and often a more effective alternative to water sprays, chemical treatment, domes and buildings. The DustTamer system uses a specially designed fabric that can withstand winds in excess of 100 MPH. It slotted design vs. a basket weave pattern helps prevent the fabric from plugging with fuel materials that can load up other fabrics. When fabrics like basket weave style shade cloth plug the wind load becomes higher and the fabric will tear at some point.

DustTamer is resistant to the effects of UV Rays, salt spray, and exhaust fumes. Some installations are approaching 20 Years of service with no significant fabric deterioration. Additional benefits can include reducing the amount of air infiltration into a fuel storage pile that can contribute to spontaneous combustion. If water sprays are used at the pile DustTamer can increase the time between applications times by slowing evaporation caused by air movement over the pile. Worker safety can be enhanced by reduction of airborne dust and fuel.

Ivanpah solar thermal project uses DustTamer Wind Fences

The Ivanpah solar thermal project, which Bechtel is constructing for BrightSource in the Mojave Desert, will be the largest solar plant in the world when completed in 2013. DSI supplied DustTamer Wind Fence materials for the solar array staging area to prevent damage to the arrays from dust erosion and turn-over of unattached stored units. DustTamer can also be used for the permanent solar field to reduce the effects of dust erosion on reflectors and dust accumulation that can reduce collection efficiency. With DustTamers wind velocity reduction, it may be possible to reduce solar array foundation and/or structural steel requirements and associated cost. Another application for DustTamer material is to reduce the visual impact of the solar field and potential glare from reflectors. Photo courtesy of BrightSource / Power Engineering.

Power Engineerings Best Biomass Project: Nacogdoches uses Dry Fog

Nacogdoches bio mass

Nacogdoches Generating Facility, owned by Southern Co. in Nacogdoches County, Texas

The 100 MW Nacogdoches Generating Facility is a full-scale biomass plant in Nacogdoches County, Texas. The nation's largest biomass plant supplies all of its power to Austin Energy in a 20-year PPA. The Austin City Council approved the $2.3 billion project in 2008, and the plant was commissioned in June 2012.

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Power Engineerings Coal Plant of the Year Runner Up uses DSI Fog Systems

Power Engineerings Coal Plant of the Year Runner Up uses DSI Fog Systems

Dry Fork Station, owned by Basin Electric Co-Op and Wyoming Municipal Power Agency in Gillette, Wyo.

Runner Up, Dry Fork Station PRB Coal Fired Power Plant

The $1.35 billion Dry Fork Station was commissioned on November 1, 2011 and is a greenfield leading edge coal-fired power plant. It was built to add capacity to meet the needs of the 134-member co-ops of Basin Electric and WMPA. The minemouth plant uses Power River Basin coal. The project had a construction and commissioning timeline of 45 months and finished on budget and two months ahead of schedule.

The project used circulated fluidized boiler (CFB) scrubber technology relatively unknown in the U.S. and untried worldwide at this size. An air cooled condenser minimizes water usage with 45 fans 100 feet off the ground condensing steam for reuse. The plant also uses an advanced control protection technology using foundation field bus for all station-wide systems to protect personnel, cost control and reliability requirements.

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